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About Miyoo Mini+

The Miyoo genesis

Our tale begins a few years back,  at a retro video game exhibition. It was a place where magic sparkled in the air, a crossroads of flickering arcade lights and cherished memories. There, amid echoes of Sonic, Street Fighter, and Dragon Ball Z, we, Jim and Jeremy, found a shared dream: to revive these treasured gaming relics in a modern, accessible form.

Miyoo mini retro game consoles - The Miyoo genesis​
The Emergence of the Miyoo Mini Plus Jeremy's technical expertise workspac俄、
A perfect fit for your every day life

Our Passion for Retrogaming

Jim, a devoted collector of vintage consoles, a guardian of simpler, joyous times. Jeremy, with his impressive technical wizardry, became my partner in this grand adventure. Together, we set out on a mission, fueled by nostalgia and innovation, to craft the ultimate retro gaming experience. A tribute to those who reveled in nights spent in the warm glow of large TVs, connected by the humble SCART cable.

The Emergence of the Miyoo Mini Plus

Years of research (a journey unexpectedly extended by Covid), development, and relentless innovation led to the birth of Miyoo Mini. Our aim was simple yet profound: to let everyone relive the golden days of retro video games, free from the clutches of bulky consoles and tangled cables. Our vision crystalized into creating a sleek, user-friendly, all-in-one solution, not just for us, but for the next generation of gamers.

Miyoo Mini Plus Miyoomini + 3.5'' IPS OCA Portable Retro 32GB 64GB 128GB Video Game Consoles 3000mAh Linux 27000+ Handheld Game official store
Miyoo Mini+
Simplicity in design and form

Our Commitment to You

Today, Miyoo Mini stands as a beacon in the mini retro console world. We proudly offer consoles that resonate with the hearts of retro gaming enthusiasts across the globe. Our commitment doesn’t end with the consoles. We’re continuously crafting accessories and decorations, each piece infused with the spirit of this incredible universe, to enhance your gaming experience. Embark on this nostalgic journey with us and rediscover the classics through the Miyoo Mini.

"I've been a retro gaming enthusiast for years, and the Miyoo Mini is a game-changer! The console's sleek design and responsive controls are top-notch. It's like holding a piece of gaming history in my hands, yet it feels so modern and powerful. The library of classic games took me straight back to my childhood. Hats off to the Miyoo team for bringing such a delightful experience to the palm of our hands. This little device has earned a permanent spot in my daily carry!"
Jackson Hart
London, UK
"The Miyoo Mini is the ultimate nostalgia trip for anyone who grew up in the golden era of gaming. I was blown away by the build quality and the crisp display. Playing my all-time favorites on the go, without any lag, is just incredible. It's user-friendly for non-techies like me, and the battery life is impressive too. Jeremy and Jim have crafted a masterpiece for retro lovers. The Miyoo Mini isn't just a product; it's a pocket-sized treasure trove of memories!"
Samantha Yu
Oslo, Norway
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